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Are you leery of having a home custom-built? Heard horror stories of the long, difficult construction process? Fearful your loving marriage might be strained by what is said to be the most stressful event a couple can endure: home construction? Not to worry. There’s a construction company in Cloquet, Legacy Custom Homes, Inc., that has figured out how to make home construction fun and stress-free. No, really!

Owner Pete Franzen says, “It needs to be a stress-free process. We work toward making it fun. So many people are convinced it will be very stressful that they’re afraid to do it. But I tell customers that when this process is done, we’re going to be friends. And once they have their new home, they wish they could build another, just because it was so fun.” Pete has a four-point philosophy to make this happen:

  • Communication“Communicate with us,” he says. “Don’t hold in problems, concerns, questions. Tell us right away so we can deal with it.”

  • Planning “We believe in covering and dealing with the many, many details early on.”
  • Be Pro-Active “Address questions and issues up-front, before they happen or become problems.”
  • Honesty and Integrity “Quality craftsmanship drives everything we do.

”Franzen says, “One of the biggest things I strive for and am constantly encouraging in the employees is attention to detail, producing a high-quality product. We have an incredible group of employees who make our quality happen, and we give customers as much as we possibly can for their money. We also keep on top of energy-efficient designs and always ask ourselves how we can build smarter and better.” Legacy provides an unusual service. Says Franzen, “We have the ability to design and build. Most customers don’t come to us with a plan, or they have a partial plan. We do inhouse drafting, generate blueprints, take the homeowners through the process. It’s turn-key, from idea to handing over the door key, start to finish.”

Our Process

Our mission is to provide a complete, high quality, turn-key, residential building service. Our focus is on walking clients through the complete process of designing and building a custom home.

Our Mission